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Even as a young child, Iris had a strong desire to make people look beautiful. She would design intricate wardrobes for her Barbie Dolls collection, made entirely from recycled fabric.

"From an early age, I noticed people's jewelry and how it did or didn't flatter them. Many times, it seemed they weren't taking into account the shape of the face or body, or the color of the skin and hair. When I create pieces, I do it for the whole person, including their personality."

Soon friends of friends and family were clamoring for a handmade piece of jewelry by Iris. So much so that she struggled to keep up with the orders.

"At that point, I knew I was on to something special. Being a jewelry maker is my calling—my addiction—and I had something unique to offer: well-designed, beautifully finished jewelry with heart and soul in each piece. Lush Addiction was officially born."

Within months of launching her line, she was chosen by Miss World Pageant to be the main sponsor of their prestigious event. Iris tirelessly helped the three finalists (including the winner) with their selection of jewelry for photo shoots and events.

Soon, celebrities like singer/actress Norleena Salim endorsed and proudly wore Lush Addiction jewelry. Norleena was so delighted with Lush Addiction that she recommended it to Fatimah Mohsin, a highly sought after wedding planner for celebrity brides. Lush Addiction even made appearances on various TV stations, making a local celebrity out of Iris and her fine work.

Lush Addiction went on to become the only Singapore line to exhibit at the 2012 AFA Jewelry show in Hong Kong, which featured hundreds of international brands. It was there that Lush Addiction caught the attention of Abiste from Japan. There were strong interests as well from wholesalers from Sweden, Netherlands, Hawaii, and retailers from Hong Kong, China, France, Switzerland, Middle Eastern countries.

Today, Lush Addiction's intricate designs can be found in Singapore's iconic tourist attractions like Gardens by the Bay, Botanical Gardens, Changi Airport and One Fullerton Merlion Souvenir Shop.

Lush Addiction has the whole world hooked!

"When I think about how humbly this all started, I can't help but smile. Nothing feels better than using your talents to beautify people."