1. How does this new programme affect existing members like myself?

You no longer need to take a photo of receipts for submission, with exception of supermarket receipts. You may now earn Frasers points instantly by having a participating retailers scan your Frasers Rewards QR code in-store at point of payment. 

You can still redeem your Frasers Points for rebates via the Frasers Rewards app. The rebates will be loaded to your registered Frasers Rewards Gift Card and may be used at participating Frasers Property Gift Card retailers. Should you not have a Gift Card registered to your account, you may approach Customer Service to do so.

2. How do I update my personal particulars?

You can edit your particulars by updating your Profile page on the mobile app. Do remember to visit Customer Service to input your date of birth to enjoy double points during your birthday month.

3. How can I change my password?

You can change your password by selecting the “Change Password” function in the main menu.

4. How can I reset my password?

Select “Forgot Password” on the mobile app and follow through the steps to reset your Password.

5. How do I receive updates on the latest promotions and lucky draw campaigns?

Depending on the preferred options you have selected during registration, you can receive our promotional materials via the following channels:

- Electronic Direct Mailers
- In-app notifications

You may also update your preferences via the Profile page on the mobile app.

Please note that by unsubscribing from our promotional mailing list, you will still receive email and/or SMS alerts on your Frasers Points, rebates, lucky draw and redemptions.

Should you opt out from receiving member alerts in addition to promotional material, the onus is on you to track your Frasers Points and rebates through the mobile app. Frasers Property will only contact you via mail should you win any of the lucky draws.

6. How do I replace my lost/stolen/damaged Frasers Rewards Gift Card?

Frasers Rewards Gift Card can only be replaced if it is registered to your Frasers Rewards account. This protects your rebates as it allows you to suspend your gift card in the event of theft or loss. It also allows your rebates to be automatically credited to your gift card removing the need to queue at Customer Service.

To replace your gift card, visit the Customer Service Counter of any participating Frasers Property in person with your NRIC/FIN. Based on the records of your registered gift card, a new gift card will be issued and all balance rebates will be transferred to the new card.

Any rebates deemed to have been misused due to the theft or loss of the members’ Frasers Rewards Gift Card will not be recovered by Frasers Property Management Service Pte Ltd. Refer to the terms and conditions listed here.

The registered Frasers Rewards Gift Card may be replaced subject to payment of a fee of SGD10 for each replacement.

7. How can I terminate my Frasers Rewards membership?

You can approach the Customer Service Counter of any participating malls of Frasers Property to terminate your Frasers Rewards membership or by writing in to us at FRHelp@frasersproperty.com.

All Frasers Points, rebates and the associated benefits will be forfeited upon termination of membership and cannot be transferred to another account.

8. What should I do if I have more queries?

Drop us an email at FRHelp@frasersproperty.com or approach the Customer Service Counter of any participating Frasers Property for assistance.
Frasers Rewards is a point-based loyalty programme accepted at 12 malls of Frasers Property.
Please enter your registered NRIC/FIN number and password reset instructions will be sent to you.

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