May 2017 New Retailers at Frasers Centrepoint Malls

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May 2017 New Retailers at Frasers Centrepoint Malls


Bukang Korean BBQ & Seafood,  368 Copperdome
Your meal is not complete without fresh seafood, perfectly sliced sashimi and premium BBQ meat air flown from Korea. At Bukang, your dining experience is complete with quality food, great ambience and a wide selection of a-la-carte dishes.

Thirsty Beer Shop, #B1-42
A leading craft beer shop in Singapore, Thirsty Beer Shop prides itself on offering the largest selection of craft beers from all over the world. With over 100 selections of craft beers, ciders and wines, it is your one-stop shop to stock up for your home parties. 

Changi City Point

Peony Sense, #B1-06
Power-packed with antioxidants and nutrients from wholesome ingredients, Peony Senses' smoothies are not only healthy but refreshingly thirst-quenching too! Grab a cuppa because each drink is filled with properties that are beneficial for your health.

Stuff'd , #B1-20
Made daily from scratch, Stuff’d serves exceptionally tasty kebabs, burritos and quesadillas on-the-go. Using natural ingredients such as avocado, legumes and leafy vegetables, it means you can customise your own nutritious and satisfying meal!


Ministry Of Rojak, #B2-02/08 (P) 
If you’re love authentic, traditional Indian hawker food, you’ll want to check out Ministry of Rojak. Their signature “The Rojak Fondue”, the first of its kind in Singapore, is served with sweet potato sauce that has a smooth nutty flavour.

Ju Hao, #02-14 (P)
With chefs hailed from China, Ju Hao gained a reputation for serving juicy and tasty Xiao Long Baos, garnering fanfare and good reviews from patrons and bloggers alike. Their specialty dishes, Xiao Long Bao and La Mian, are just some of the must-try dishes in this Northern Chinese restaurant. 

The Centepoint

Telestation GO Wireless, #B1-22
With the latest high quality wireless gadgets on display live, you can experience these gadgets for your home and personal use. Come and try these wireless gadgets at different experience zones designed to provide exclusivity and comfort.

Waterway Point

Freeman Florist, East Wing, #B2-33
Looking for a fresh bouquet of flowers, but not sure which type of flowers to pick? Your trusted florists at Freeman Florist will go the extra mile to ensure that your order is perfect for any occasion.

YewTee Point

Eighteen Chefs, #B1-29/30 
Good quality food, a wide selection of sides and main courses, affordable prices and speedy customer service, what more can one ask for? Invite your friends, order up a storm and enjoy a variety of good food with great company! 

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